Kathrin Feser

Contemporary Art Made in Germany


  • "Frühstück im Bett”

    Tuesday, 07 July 2015

    Kathrin Feser_pixel jogging
    Ku chenwerkstatt 7 2015 invite

    Küche, Kochen und
    Kunst...........“Frühstück im Bett”
    Ausstellung einiger meiner Arbeiten.

    Einladung zum open house
    Samstag 11. Juli | Sonntag 12. Juli 2015
    jeweils ab 14 Uhr

    Es gibt auch Kaffee und Kuchen und Holzofenpizza.

    Am Rathaus 2
    97228 Rottendorf

  • public for one night

    Tuesday, 14 April 2015

    public for one night
    Come by at the historic Pier 26The Trollhouse
    This fabulous building is sitting directly under the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.
    And yes, it is the same location where I was lucky to have my artist residency for the past several months!

    I am inviting you to look at a variety of art work…two of them should be finished just on time. This night will also be my Finissage there, which means that I will take down the show after that – which also means this will be a really great chance for you to make your own art collection grow.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday April 23, 2015
    between 5 pm and 9 pm

    Pier 26 – The Trollhouse
    Workplace & Office · Event Venue · Art Gallery
    The Embarcadero, San Francisco
    CA 94105

  • Sleepwalkers

    Sunday, 01 February 2015

    sleepwalkers video still

    A short video about Sleepwalkers, Dan Rosenfeld’s interactive installation about luminous beings that live inside the walls of a historic building. It was commissioned by Urban Putt, an indoor miniature golf course, restaurant, and bar, built by artists and designers in San Francisco.

    More information at danrosenfeld.com/sleepwalkers

    Concept & Execution – Dan Rosenfeld
    Set Design – Kathrin Feser
    Video – Jae Lee

  • artist in residence

    Saturday, 10 January 2015

    artist residency 2015

    Artist in residence at Pier 26 in San Francisco.

    Pier 26 / the Trollhouse is sitting directly under the Bay Bridge,
    providing work- and exhibition-space to two chosen artists!

    I am sharing this honor with Allison Leigh Holt.

    Thank you Ian Thomson!

  • Black Strap Molasses

    Saturday, 13 December 2014

    from the Black Strap Molasses series
    BlackStrapMolasses eight
    portfolio updated 12_18

    Skiffs, dug outs, house boats; flotillas of vice. Brothels, boardrooms, traders awash in rum. This is black strap molasses; “ the ‘ol Black Strap”, the thickest, darkest and sweetest of them all. Cane sugar’s “black honey”…currency of the times.

    Shine your shoes, shake off the blues. A good clean shirt, some reels and jigs, a fiddle, a banjo; these belong on walls from kitchen to bedroom to back table game rooms.

    Inspired by the Caribbean Gulf, made whole in Oakland.

    Click the “file”-icon to look inside the pdf-portfolio for details!
    All prices includes packaging and shipping.

    Please email the number of the desired drawing right away to kathrin@circlefly.de,
    so I can mark it as sold.

    Suggesting round frame or at least round matting.

    All drawings are hand made one offs.
    No machines were harmed in the production of this art.